Any way I forgot to tell you my user name lula4schmidt


I also woud like to hire some authors if you would like to be hired I will need your poptropica username and email. If you want to be hired comment below or email me at lula4schmidt@gmail.org if you are hired I will  email you thank you

; )


About Lu

Hey! I'm Lu! Feel free to say hello! I don't bite! I love youtube (especially Dan and Phil!) and technology in general! I love making new friends! This account was originally made so I could see Poptropica blogs, and I'm not really into that anymore. Oh well. Love, Lu

5 thoughts on “Hiring

  1. Hey, I found your blog from scary plug’s blog. I wouldn’t mind being apart of your awesome website but I have had some experience helping out on another Poptropica blog and it didn’t work out well 😦 but anyway I just wanted to comment!

  2. Hey…. again. 🙂 Don’t worry about my above comment lol a lot has changed since then. I would love to be an author on your blog! My poptropica username is private sorry…. My email is popular_pop10@outlook.com and my WordPress username is Krazyaussie.

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