Survival (ep. 1) out for members & Monster Carnival here for all!

This is from the PHB enjoy!!!!!!

Poptropica Help Blog

Psst! The Survival Island Guide for Episode 1 is now on the PHB!


Hey everyone! Today’s a big day regardless of your membership status, because there’s good news either way! Survival Island: Episode 1 is now out for members! No demo for non-members, though.

survival marquee

Non-members can now play Monster Carnival Island fully through! Be sure to check out our Monster Carnival Island Guide so the monsters don’t get you down.

monsterc for all

After six years of rumors, the legendary carnival is finally in town for all Poptropicans! So non-members, is the Ferris wheel’s face creeping you out yet? And members, how’s your fire going? Take the poll below, and tell us what you think of these islands in the comments or on the PHC! 😀

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