Hi guys and maybe bye…

Guys you might have noticed that I haven’t posted that much so I feel like qiuTing I’m not sure if if I should do it tell me in the comments if I should

UPDATE: I’m not leving!!


About Lu

Hey! I'm Lu! Feel free to say hello! I don't bite! I love youtube (especially Dan and Phil!) and technology in general! I love making new friends! This account was originally made so I could see Poptropica blogs, and I'm not really into that anymore. Oh well. Love, Lu

2 thoughts on “Hi guys and maybe bye…

  1. Well, if in your opinion you don’t feel like you’re up to date with the updates of Poptropica or you really don’t catch up to the updates, you don’t HAVE to post about updates, you can post about random things, like daily pops, or what you did in Poptropica. Or maybe it’s because of the hits….

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